Foster Care Abuse

Foster Care Abuse

Throughout New York, children are routinely removed from their homes and sent to live in foster care, away from their parents or guardians. There, they often fall victim to sexual, physical, or emotional abuse by their new caretaker, whether it be in a foster home or in a group setting. They are at the mercy of the agencies charged with their care. Due to understaffing, poor training, and, too often, pure indifference, caseworkers frequently cannot provide the level of supervision required by law to keep vulnerable children safe.

The State of New York, City of New York, and their contracted Foster Care Agencies frequently do not adequately screen foster parents or fail to supervise the children once they are placed in their care. Predators seize upon these circumstances to abuse new victims. Children are then forced to endure abuse by their foster parents, caretakers, and even other foster children.

When the State, City, or their contracted Foster Care Agencies fail to protect the children in their care or ignore signs that children are being abused, they may be liable for the resulting injuries. It is crucial for the parents or guardians of these children to move quickly to protect them and prevent further abuse. Often, there are time restrictions under which certain claims can be brought against negligent municipalities.

The attorneys of Nelson, Robinson & El Ashmawy, PLLC are compassionate but aggressive litigators with a deep knowledge of the foster care system. It is our honor to work on behalf of the children and families harmed by the same system intended to protect them. We work tirelessly to obtain just compensation for these victims in the hope that no child will ever again be abused in foster care.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of abuse while in foster care, seek the counsel and advice of a legal firm thoroughly experienced in the specific complexities of cases involving the foster care system. Attorneys at Nelson, Robinson & El Ashmawy, PLLC can clearly explain your legal options and handle the critical details associated with your case while you and your loved ones focus on recovery. If you have questions regarding such matters, please contact us by email or call us at (212) 962-1740 and let us help you protect your rights.

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