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Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys are dedicated to advocating for our clients’ rights. Choosing an attorney can be challenging and the entire legal system very intimidating. We treat our clients like family and will work to help you understand your legal options.

  • “I’m truly grateful for Mr. Nelson being my attorney. Plenty of times he could have given less effort but he didn’t and I’ll never forget the Godsend that he was for me. Because of him I can raise my daughter in peace.”

  • “Mr. Robinson never gave up on me and at the end of this agonizing journey helped restore my faith that there are ethical, kind and high-minded people in the world.”

    Mary* (name changed for confidentiality reasons)
  • “Mr. Nelson represented me in a complex custody case. He was honest about my chances and told me when he thought something was not worth spending my money on. He was clearly respected by the judges and his colleagues. I won my case due to his advocacy and guidance and I recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer in Family Court.”

  • “Mr. El Ashmawy is an excellent attorney who represented me on a child custody case. My son and I are going on 5 years together. I would not look any further as this is the guy you want on your side.”

  • “Mr. Nelson helped put my family back together. When everything seemed helpless, Mr. Nelson took over my case, negotiated a settlement and ended one of the most stressful times of my life.”

  • “When the hospital failed me, Nelson, Robinson & El Ashmawy PLLC was there. I trusted them with my life and I would do it again.”

    Lisa* (name changed for confidentiality reasons)
  • “Mr. El Ashmawy is an excellent attorney. He was patient, caring and 100% thorough – he foresaw all possible obstacles and prepared for them in advance.”

* Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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